Awards we have given



Catholic Elementary
Holy Name of Jesus: Aleena Nanibush and Cody Bilodeau
St. Agnes: Andrea Johnson and Devin Paes
St. Ann: Anna Singh and Dante Borsellino
St. Brigid: Alexsandra Burridge and Trevon Walker
St. David: Sophia Cassidy and Dan Sanabria
St. Lawrence: Joshua Melo and Latifa MacDonald
St. Luke: Nina Jespersen and Taylor Malette-Bonenfant
St. Michael: Abby Bontje and Joseph Perri
St. Patrick: Trea Bolocon and John Lloyd Concueno

Public Elementary
Bennetto: Kaylin Paynter and Christian Campos Espinoza
Cathy Wever: Abigail Hopkins and Tommy Huynh
Dr. J Edgar Davey: Courtney Beer and Yakubi Jonmuhammad
Hess Street: Fatima Sohail and Rick Chang
Hillcrest: Colin Rose and Summer Chatelain
Lake Avenue: Afraz Rao and Mariam Ahmad
Parkdale: Leah Hill and Benjamin McConnell
Prince of Wales: Chantel Carins and James Ferguson-Bowen
Queen Mary: Haidyn O’Boyle and Tanaya Kagige
Queen Victoria: Alias Nostos and Kayla Coombs

Catholic Secondary
Cathedral: Kristina Duricic and Francis Pham Vo
St. Mary’s: Tyler Archer and Christopher Rodrigues
Bishop Ryan: Ben Houston and Taylor Smith
St. Jean de Brebeuf: Abigail Machado and Noah Spatazzo

Public Secondary
Delta: Sarah Silveira and Andrew Kane
Glendale: Gurwinder Sidhu and Fiza Ahmad
Mountain: Autumn Boden and Matthew Berka
Sir John A Macdonald: Johnny Thirakul and Abetare Bajgora

“The HWDSB Foundation has been extremely fortunate to work with organizations such as Charity of Hope. The funding that has been provided has supported so many children through the Student Award Programs by recognizing students for their optimism and positive role modelling. Awards such as these help build a student’s self-esteem, boost confidence and support their student leadership qualities. The two organizations share a common goal and that is of supporting students and removal of barriers to learning as we build a strong and educated community of Hamilton-Wentworth”.

Julie Densham,
HWDSB Foundation Development Officer

Edge Spirit Award 2018 – Hamilton Chapter

The Edge Spirit Award in memory of Morris Mercanti recognizes an outstanding high-school aged individual that embodies the same values of Charity of Hope co-founder, Mr. Morris Mercanti. A business icon, a community leader, a family man, and a friend to many who needed a helping hand, Morris Mercanti made the lives of everybody around him better. Click here the download application guidelines and form.Deadline February 10th, 2018. Enjoy the stories of previous recipients, Anita, Samidha, Ryan and Mitchell’s videos here.


Catholic Elementary
Holy Name of Jesus: Christina Rosa and Zakary Fisher
St. Agnes: Mathea Meakha and Yousif Awsee
St. Ann: Hope Whyte and Noah Hey
St. Brigid: Juliana Servo and Donovan Valladares
St. David: Isabella Sheehan and Francis Onembo
St. Lawrence: Blessing Wleh and Mark Pereira
St. Luke: Jade Kennedy and Ryan Bell
St. Michael: Lochini Fonseka and Anthony DeLuca
St. Patrick: Christina Hornby and Jean Shukuru

Public Elementary
Bennetto: Jacob Glen and Brianka Silver-Castillo
Cathy Wever: Lidia Aron
Dr. J Edgar Davey: Nicholas Whitehouse and Lydia Grills
Hess Street: Zarin Subha and Mei Wang
Hillcrest: Andrew Jennings and Jessica Keoun
Lake Avenue: Hamdan Aalsanad and Asala Alessaei
Parkdale: Payton Moore and Mikayla Manners
Prince of Wales: Draven Jones and Dominika Xhekaj
Queen Mary: Tyler Murray and Bianca Hurst
Queen Victoria: Luka Novakovic and Amber Ward
Roxborough Park: Aiden Hinkley and Paw Paw Say Naw

Catholic Secondary
Cathedral: Sarah DaCosta and Amzati Lola
St. Mary’s: Monica Malek and Paulo Fragata
Bishop Ryan: Lyndsey Coutinho and Anthony Paduano
St. Jean de Brebeuf: Annie Cupido and Liam Simpson

Public Secondary
Delta: Christopher Hill and Rebecca Chenier
Glendale: Nicholas Elzinga and Vanessa Krawczuk
Mountain: Bobby Roy Clark and Tiffiany McGowan
Sir John A Macdonald: Joshua Bravo and Caitlyn Suplat

We are celebrating 10 years of honouring over 600 graduating students!

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2015! Again this year the Charity of Hope partnered with the Public and Catholic school boards to honour remarkable elementary and secondary graduating students who exemplify what our charity is about, giving hope to other children and youth!

2015 Award Recipients

Catholic Elementary
Holy Name of Jesus: Salena Andrade and Sheamus Ryder
St. Agnes: Alecsa Paes and Filip Devic
St. Ann: Julia Babich and Tristan Otto
St. Brigid: Destine Olaye and Tyler Lopes
St. David: Alora Bustos and Men-Fils Belizaire
St. Lawrence: Kaitlyn Coleman-Kane and Dakota Chamberlain
St. Luke: Lillian Gregory and Aaron Da Silva
St. Michael: Emily Silvano and David Bejarano
St. Patrick: Chantelle Chiasson and Raphael Eugenio

Public Elementary
Bennetto: Robert Pidscalny and Kiana Green
Cathy Wever: Ryan Moore and Kayla Cain
Dr. J Edgar Davey: Brichard Routledge and Najma Abdurahman
Lake Avenue: Zachary Spicer and Zainab Inam
Hillcrest: Charet Pok and Atilla Gould
Hess Street: Abdikani Bile Mussa and Jeanie Heng
Prince of Wales: Jacob Boyd and Erin Gravestock
Roxborough Park: Aiden Hinkley and Paw Paw Say Naw
Parkdale: Aiden Bastarache and Jerra Lindsay –
Queen Mary: Aiden van Arragon and Taylor Ryckman
Queen Victoria: Adam Palfi and Holly Eckensweiler

Catholic Secondary
Cathedral: Alysa Di Leonardo and Jeremy Sousa
St. Mary’s: Julia Ajandi and Sean Afaga
Bishop Ryan: Natalie Horvatic and Alfonzo Jespersen
St. Jean de Brebeuf: Brooke Morrison and Lucas Davies

Public Secondary
Delta: Jordan Llewellyn and Matilda Kushner
Glendale: Arin Leffler and Pler Gu Moo
Mountain: Liam Denton and Courtney Ley
Sir John A Macdonald: Travis Swift and Siarra Jones

MorrisMorris Mercanti Academic Grant – Oakville Chapter

Established in 2014 by The Charity of Hope, in memory of their family member, prominent entrepreneur and businessman Morris Mercanti, B.A., B.P.E. (Class of ’76). To be awarded to a student in 
the Bachelor of Commerce program with a high Sessional Average, and who demonstrates financial need at McMaster University.

2014 Hamilton Award Recipients

Catholic Elementary

  • Holy Name of Jesus: Julie-Jade Piche and Donte Downey
  • St. Agnes: Hailey Bennett and David Corpuz
  • St. Ann: Mckayla Upson and Vincenzo Lauricella
  • St. Brigid: Patricia Paguirigan and Luke Guido
  • St. David: Loren Helmer and Francis Onembo
  • St. Lawrence: Jessie Gillespie and Mario Neves
  • St. Luke: Marykay York and Jeremy Vanderlaan
  • St. Michael: Erica Pelegrim and Justin Freire
  • St. Patrick: Madonna Chukwu and Vladimir Brylle Corpuz

Public Elementary

  • Bennetto: Josh Urichuck and Selah Bishop
  • Dr. JE Davey: Ilir Imeri and Mergim Imeri
  • Cathy Wever: Ryan Pedersen and Ruby Espinoza
  • Lake Avenue: Walter Penado and Mitali Patel
  • Hillcrest: Lyle Korolenchuk and Beatriz Flores-Monsanto
  • Hess Street: Secret Selrete and Ruby Chang
  • Prince of Wales: Adam Berkmortel and Stephanie Sears
  • Roxborough Park: Daniel Campanella and Eyah El Siddig
  • Parkdale: Grant Boyko and Jordan Lindsay
  • Queen Mary: Patrick Malara and Zoe Bourgeios
  • Queen Victoria: Patrick Patterson and Huda Rubaiee

Catholic Secondary

  • Cathedral: Marina Miskic and Kareem Noel Richards
  • St. Mary’s: Maria Do and Jamie MacDonald
  • Bishop Ryan: Rabi Gadilatolwe and Santiago Zamudio
  • St. Jean de Brebeuf: Natalie Pecyna and Emilio Torres

Public Secondary

  • Sir JA Macdonald: Patrick Johnson and Sierra Lampman
  • Delta: Joey Ransom and Shania Georgeoff
  • Glendale: Kevin Patel and Kendall O’Donnell
  • Mountain: Michael Fitchett and Rilea Rogers
  • Parkview: Brandon Snyder and Amber Kirkwood-Rodley



When life has pushed me down,
I know that hope can always be found.
I await the good things and forget the past,
And hope my future will save the best for last.
I never give up.
I keep on trying
And know that my hope is undying.
Because whenever life has pushed me down,
I know that hope can always be found.

– Andrew Hall