Organizations we supported

This is our hope chest. Below are many examples of how the Charity of Hope has created brighter futures for thousands of children and teens in our community.

City Kidz

“I will never forget the hope that Charity of Hope gave me.  I work for City Kidz and we didn’t know where the funds were going to come from for the following weeks, we needed to put fuel in the buses so we could pick up the 40 children that counted on us every week.  I received a phone call that the Charity of Hope was going to give us funds which gave us hope and enabled us to keep doing what we do best, to be there for our kids.”  Todd Bender, Founder of City Kidz

Bishop Ryan Secondary School

“Our Student Success Program provides an opportunity to meet the diverse needs of our students who are battling with socio-economic and mental well-being barriers. With our recent relocation and enrolment explosion, we desperately wish to continue to provide our students with our Daily Breakfast Club and bus tickets to support student engagement in both experiential work placements and co-curricular activities that enable all learners to realize the fullness of humanity.   Thanks to the Charity of Hope we are doing just that!”  Marcie, Teacher, Bishop Ryan

St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School

“We need to come alongside our students and eliminate the barriers that are preventing them from achieving their full potential.  The Charity of Hope does this, they provide the support we need to help assist each individual student with their basic needs such as uniforms, bus tickets, school supplies as well as breakfast and lunch so they can focus on what is important: their education and future.”  Karin McLaughlin, St. Mary’s CSS

YOUth Create Summer Camp Program

“Summer camp should be something that every child has the opportunity to do not just dream about.  For some children, they will never leave their own neighbourhood yet have the chance to experience how big the world around them really is.  The Charity of Hope has helped to make these hopes happen.  Children and youth from low-income homes are having the chance to develop social, leadership and volunteer skills while having fun.”  Bill Parkes, YOUth Create Summer Camp Program

Navy League Summer Sail Camp

“Over the past 7 years, we have been fortunate to have the support of the Charity of Hope to help support our Summer Sail and Sports Day Camps.  Over this period of time, the funds have been used to subsidize over 250 youth from our local community that otherwise would not have been able to attend camp.  Many of the youth we serve are from north end and lower city and this camp gives them an opportunity see what our own city has to offer. Thanks to the Charity of Hope 250 youth were able to sail Hamilton’s harbour and build friendships in a safe and positive environment.”  Rose D’Alimonte, Navy League Summer Sail Camp

Essential Aid Family Serves

“We operate an infant food bank in downtown Hamilton serving children under four.  We have recently experienced an influx of children between the ages of 2-4 who require our assistance with offering toddler hampers.  Thanks to the Charity of Hope we are able to meet the needs to help provide healthy food and aid for our toddlers.”  Jennifer Hamu, Essential Aid Family Serves

St. Thomas More Secondary School

“The generous funds from Charity of Hope have allowed us to provide five students with the opportunity to participate in the end of year Graduation Trip with their peers. Their current financial constraints at home prevent these children from fully participating but thanks to the Charity of Hope, these students were able to enjoy a well-deserved trip.”  Julie Walters, Teacher, St. Thomas More

Assumption Catholic Secondary School

“Last year, through the assistance of the Charity of Hope, the Assumption community supported families in need, including recent immigrants and families in significant financial need.  Specifically, our school community was able to use these funds so that our most needy students could play on team sports, eat lunch, travel on city buses, attend field trips and participate in graduation events (brunch, dinner and dance).”   Rocco Di Ianni, Principal, Assumption CSS

YMCA Chill Zone

“Beyond the obvious health and social benefits of participating in an exercise program at the YMCA, a child in need finds hope and inspiration in simply knowing that there are people in the community that care about their well-being and their future. We see this each and every day at the YMCA. We are eternally grateful to the Charity of Hope for giving us the opportunity to be there, for all of our kids.”   Bryan Webber, VP, Financial Development, YMCA

Children’s Aid Society

“Significant focus continues to be placed on encouraging academic success and providing educational opportunities for Crown Wards.  Last year, 5 youth were provided bursaries to assist with the cost of obtaining a post-secondary education.  The financial support of the Charity of Hope has truly helped some of our youth lessen the burden of student debt, allowing them the opportunity to focus on their studies, and give them the confidence they need to succeed.” Dominic Verticchio, Children’s Aid Society

High School Outreach Programs

Donations were given to several high schools in the Hamilton area to assist with the school’s breakfast and/or lunch programs for students unable to afford meals on their own. The Charity of Hope is providing healthy meals to youth in the Hamilton area through the donations to these outreach programs.

Charity of Hope Awards 

Charity of Hope awards is given annually to 60 students in inner city schools who exemplify what our charity is about, giving hope to other children and youth.  Click here to see the recipients of the Charity of Hope Awards.

 And many more wonderful organizations!